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  2. Anyone want to Head to any of the following sites in Vancouver, BC

    Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre 

    44 E. Cordova Street Vancouver, BC

    604-681-4786 Tel#

    Hot Meal or Soup 12:30pm-1:45 PM  

    Monday to Sunday


    Quest Outreach Society

    1217 East Georgia Street

    604-602-0186 Tel#



    Sheway Program ( For Pregnant Women Clients)

    533 East Hastings Street 

    604-216-1699 Tel# 

    Food Bags upon availability 12noon 


    First Baptist Church 

    969 Burrard Street Vancouver, BC

    604-683-8841 Tel#


    Food on the Corner Society

    Main and Cordova Street

    604-943-5507 Tel#  

    Sandwich and Fruit and Veggies

    11am Saturdays


    Gold Buddha Monastary

    248 East 11th Ave. 

    604-709-0248 Tel#  Vegitarian Lunch  last Sunday of the month…and special Buddist holidays.


  3. "I’m about to make a wild, extreme and severe relationship rule: the word busy is a load of crap and is most often used by assholes. The word “busy” is the relationship Weapon of Mass Destruction. It seems like a good excuse, but in fact in every silo you uncover, all you’re going to find is a man who didn’t care enough to call. Remember men are never to busy to get what they want."
    — Greg Behrendt  (via imissedmydoor)

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  4. Local Area Planning Process - Stop Condos from being built?

    Friday March 23 1-2:30pm Carnegie Theatre 

    There will be a Town Hall meeting the DTES Local area planning process is starting to be underway…City Council will decide on an interm rezoning policy during the process…Can we push them to stop condos from being built to stop the displacement of working class residents, and stores and community in the area?

    Please phone Wendy at 604-839-0379 Tel# or see the site at


    also, please refer your attentions to


    and http://mlaonwelfare.com/

    and http://dncrome.wordpress.com/


  5. Vancouer’s Organizations for Free Food Stuffs


    Grandview Baptist Church 1803 East 1st Ave.

    Vancouver, BC   604-255-1411 Tel#  

    Thursday Dinner at 7:30pm weekly

    Grandview Park

    Chilli Wagon Charles and Commercial Drive

    Dinner at 7pm Tuesday

    Carall Street Church 331 Carall Street  Meal or snack

    Monday to Saturday 7pm

    604-684-3097 Tel#

    Christ Church

    Cathedral 690 Burrard Street

    604-682-3848 Tel#

    Sandwiches and Coffee

    Community of Hope

    535 East Broadway

    Lunch 12-2pm

    Tuesday to Saturday

    Vancouver, BC

    604-723-0523 Tel#

    Door is Open 

    373 East Cordova Street

    Lunch 11am Monday to Saturday

    12 noon Sunday 




  7. nobodyelsecan:

    This honorary Canadian visited Vancouver for the first time since moving back to San Francisco. It was a short trip but I had some time to explore parts of the city I’ve missed in the past. Gastown proved to have a little something for everybody, from the unique boutiques, to the coffee shops…


  8. thingshmmm:

    A message posted at http://composthere.com

    “We would LOVE to reduce the amount of perfectly good food scraps ending up in the landfill after long trips on fossil fuel guzzling trucks, especially if it can make our little venture more financially sustainable. If you have high quality food scraps with organic aspirations, our [laying hens] would love to convert them into eggs and fertilizer for our fields!”

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  10. Ya, I know what you mean, sleep is something I am short on.


    I would love, more than anything, to be able to sleep…

    But of corse i can’t, cause I have an ap bio test tomorrow…great

    I also don’t understand why I’m wasting time on here….

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  11. moralinsanities:

    I feel so far away from myself.
    Don’t know what I’m doing, don’t know what I’m feeling.
    Do I even feel?
    Yes, I believe so. It feels far away, confusing. Like I’ve lost something.
    I wish I could say something, something sympathetic, something human.
    I’m so tired of being tired.
    Being tired…

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  12. it8bit:

    Gaming Latte Art


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  13. thenewinquiry:

    The peace sign is a double-edged sword. The icon conjures a solidarity between those who are sick of being subject to the current system’s violence through a type of active refusal. At his best, Horgan approaches an understanding of this kind of bond. But the peace sign also exists as a nostalgic vehicle for a more tranquil era that never really existed, a serene before that is supposed to have preceded the intrusion of a violent incident. The symbol can be used to protest port militarization, or against riots following the murder of an unarmed kid by the police.

    -A.M. Gittlitz, “Peace and/or Quiet